Frequently Asked Questions

  • What name will appear on my credit card statement when I make a purchase?
    Your purchase will appear as a payment to "PAYPAL * BMS" on your credit card bill.
  • How often should I clean my Ultimate Personal Shaver?
    The Ultimate Personal Shaver kit is very easy to clean. Simply use the included brush and give a few wipes through the cutting part of the attachment after every use. If you find after a while there is a buildup, refer to your instruction booklet for detailed cleaning instructions.
  • Is there a rechargeable version of this product?
    Not at this time. Through customer feedback, we’ve gone with a battery operated version that is very simple to use, convenient and doesn’t require a charging cable. The Ultimate Personal Shaver uses standard AAA batteries which come included with each kit. You can purchase more batteries here.
  • Does the shaver come with instructions?
    Yes. The Ultimate Personal Shaver comes with detailed instructions in multiple languages that cover everything from how to use it, cleaning instructions, maintenance and safety. View the PDF for your kit here: Women’s Ultimate Personal Shaver/Men’s Ultimate Personal Shaver.
  • Is there any warranty on the shaver?
    The Ultimate Personal Shaver is warranted for one year from date of purchase. If you receive a defective shaver we will be happy to replace it for you with no questions asked. Visit our Warranty page for more information.
  • What is your policy on returns?
    Due to the intimate nature of this product, we do not accept returns. If your product is defective we will be happy to replace it for you.
  • What are the methods of payment?
    You can pay for the Ultimate Personal Shaver by following the steps on our website. You can pay by credit card using our secure form or PayPal (you do not need to be a registered PayPal user to complete a payment). You also may mail us an INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER as long as it is sent from outside of Canada. Money Orders should be made payable to 'BMS Enterprises' and in US funds. Email us if there are any questions about this option.
  • How much are the shipping charges?
    Canada & USA: $6.50 USD
    Outside of Canada & USA: $30 USD
  • Is the shipping box discrete?
    Yes. The Ultimate Personal Shaver will arrive in a plain, unmarked, brown box.
  • What is the estimated delivery time?
    Orders are shipped from Toronto via Canada Post Standard Ground Shipping (through USPS for U.S. orders). All orders will be fulfilled within 24 hours, and any order placed before 1:00 PM (Monday-Friday except holidays) is guaranteed to ship by 3:00 PM Eastern (you will be notified otherwise). Estimated delivery time is 3–5 business days for Canadian orders, 6–10 business days for US orders and 3–6 weeks for international orders.
  • Do you sell to retail outlets and distributors?
    We distribute to the public and retail stores. To find out more information about becoming a distributor, please fill this form.
  • Are prices listed in U.S. or Canadian funds?
    All prices are listed in U.S. funds ($USD).
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