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How To Shave & Other Great Information

  • shave bikini line area
    How To Shave Your Bikini Line/Area
    Whether you prefer to have your pubic area shaved completely, trimmed, or designed, there are many techniques out there to help give the look you want. Using a personal trimmer can not only eliminate painful issues, but also ensures an easier time making the bikini line you want.
  • shave body
    How To Shave Your Body
    Personal Shavers and trimmers have been becoming more and more sophisticated, allowing for easier use, better hair removal and all of this in the comfort of your home. A lot of shavers out there only talk about hair removal on the genitals, but they can be used on the full body as well.
  • shave genitals
    How To Shave Your Genitals and Bum
    Since this is the number one reason people buy personal shavers, we’ll start here. The hair that grows down there, pubes, bush, and pubic hair are some of the terms used to describe hair found on your genitals.
  • shave chest back and head
    How To Shave Chest, Back and Head
    Chest hair is easily done by oneself, but back hair can be the most fun, if you have a partner. Personal shavers can also be used on the face and the head.
  • shave armpits
    How To Shave Armpits, Arms and Legs
    Both arms and legs have hair growing in usually one direction. Unlike the lessons learned in shaving, you need to use the trimmer in the direction of the hair growth; this will ensure the hair to grow back fine.
  • lip
    5 Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair
    Since the early century, body hair removal has become more than a fad, it’s a lifestyle. While there are many ways of removing body hair, I will only be focusing on 5. Some are expensive, some are painful, but there is a cost to beauty, and it is up to you to decide how much.
  • irritation
    How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs, Razor Burn and Rashes
    Ingrown hairs are usually a sign of an infection in the pore or hair follicle. Rashes are the body’s way of saying something is irritating it. Razor burn is just what it sounds like: a burning, itching annoyance which usually happens after shaving.
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